Coding Bootcamps Offer Benefits Over Traditional Higher Education

So you want to attend a coding bootcamp to learn to code?  

Attending a coding bootcamp can lead you to the dream job you’ve been looking for.  Afterall, Information Technology (IT) jobs rank as the #2 fastest growing career fields in 2022, according to a November, 2021 report by Forbes. 

In fact, the number of available technology jobs such as Salesforce technologists currently exceeds the number of qualified professions.  

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps provide short-term (often two to three month) immersive education, focused on teaching students the skills they need to enter or advance their careers as software developers and software administrators.

Available studies often include programming languages, web applications, data structures, full stack development, web applications and web development. 

Coding bootcamps typically provide a scheduled, highly structured learning environment with instructors, highly experienced in real world coding, guiding you from start to finish.

Coding Bootcamps Provide an Alternative To College 

Modern society assumes that to attain a professional, high paying job, students must attend a 4-year college or university.  Parents engrain the notion into their children that they will “get-ahead” by attending college.

However, that notion does not always hold true.

Not all professional jobs require degrees.  Some 41% of recent college graduates work in jobs that don't necessitate a college degree.  Further, many graduates work in careers outside their field of study.

Not surprisingly, as the demand for college increases and tuition surges, many students successfully turn to alternative education and training solutions such as vocational schools and bootcamps. 

Coding Bootcamps Fit Better For Many Students

Not every student thrives in a college environment.  In fact, about 40% of college students do not graduate for reasons ranging from socioeconomic background, education duration and collegiate culture.  Bootcamps offer several advantages vs. college including:

  • Time to complete
  • Cost
  • Produce Quality Graduates and Workers

Coding Bootcamp Students Graduate Much Quicker

Traditional bachelor degrees take years to complete as students are required to take many courses outside their field of study.  While this is a great choice for many, bootcamps offer students the opportunity to graduate much more quickly.  Therefore, they can begin searching for jobs more quickly; in turn, allowing them to begin earning their paychecks.  

  • Many full-time coding bootcamp programs take 2 to 3 months to earn diplomas
  • Whereas students attending college full-time take, on average, 4-6 years to graduate. 

Coding Bootcamps Are Much More Affordable Than College

Bootcamps offer a significant value compared to traditional colleges.  Much has been debated about the negative effects of high student debt.  As comparison:

  • The average cost of coding bootcamps total about $12,000
  • The average cost of college totals about $35,000 per year.  That equates to $140,000 for students graduating in 4-years.  Not surprisingly, graduates can take up to 20 years to pay back student loans

Coding Bootcamps Produce Quality Workers 

According to a study completed by, 72% of hiring managers are just as prepared and likely to be high performers as candidates with computer science degrees. 

Bootcamps, such as Select Institute of Technology teach and prepare students to enter the technology field.  In fact, some bootcamps offer students Career Services following graduation that provide them help during their job search.

Salesforce(r) Bootcamp

Salesforce careers offer exciting in-demand work at the center of our rapidly growing digital and cloud computing economy.

The Salesforce ecosystem is fueling huge job growth and is projected to generate 4.2 million jobs by 2024.  With all that growth, Salesforce skills are in high demand.

Select Institute of Technology is helping to fill those jobs by educating future cloud computing Developers and Administrators.

Immersive Programs Prepare Students for Careers in Salesforce

Students that love technology and finding solutions can take the Salesforce Administrator Program, while those that like coding and creating can take the Salesforce Developer Program.

To learn more, please click Select Institute of Technology.

Kickstart your Salesforce Career at Select Institute of Technology

Are you interested in joining the rapidly growing Salesforce ecosystem?

Consider attending Select Institute of Technology.  We are a technology-based school that teaches the skills students need to begin new, rewarding Salesforce careers. 

We leverage the best technologies, practices, and industry partners to achieve our overall mission of helping our graduates start, build or advance their careers.

Select Institute of Technology offers two 12-week diploma programs in Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Developer.

To learn more, please click

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