Using Indeed to Search for a Salesforce Job

At Select Institute of Technology, we prepare students for a career in Salesforce.  A big part of starting a career is finding a job.

Recently, I conducted a training session with the students of Select Tech's Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Developer programs on how to effectively use Indeed to search for their first job in the Salesforce ecosystem.

I recorded the session and decided to make it available to anyone interested in conducting a Salesforce job search.  I posted a link to the video below, and these are the topics of the session:

Using Indeed to Search for a Salesforce Job Topics

  1. Creating an Indeed account
  2. Uploading your resume to Indeed
  3. Enhancing your Indeed profile to highlight your Salesforce skills
  4. Conducting a search for Salesforce positions
  5. Saving Salesforce job searches

To view the video, follow this link to Zoom to watch the video on Using Indeed to Search for a Salesforce Job.   You will need to fill out a form on Zoom to watch the video.

Start your Salesforce Career

If after watching the video you are interested in joining the rapidly growing Salesforce ecosystem, consider attending the Select Institute of Technology.  We are a technology-based school that teaches the skills students to need to gain Salesforce careers.  We leverage the best technologies, practices, and industry partners to achieve our overall mission of helping our graduates start, build or advance their careers. 

Are you Looking for a Salesforce Position?

If you are already a Salesforce professional and need help finding a new job, our parent company, Stony Point can help.  Stony Point helps people find permanent and contract Salesforce jobs.  To read more about Stony Point's services, visit their Salesforce Staffing and Recruiting section on


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