Is Salesforce A Good Tech Career - And What Is It, Exactly?

So, you have decided to pursue a career in computer science and technology, programming, development or administration.  That’s great news and your decision is well warranted.

Afterall, computer and information technology occupations are a hot market.  A November, 2021, report in Forbes states that IT jobs rank as the #2 fastest growing career fields in 2022.  Further, an employment forecast from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the field will grow 13% from 2020-2030.  

Many technology related jobs are popular, obvious and plentiful.  Nearly every business requires technologists to run various aspects of their business.  Jobs range from computer programmers to web developers to UI/UX to systems analysts and data scientists.

But there are other technology opportunities that many budding technologists don’t initially consider.  These opportunities are in demand and offer great career paths. 

Salesforce careers represent a major opportunity.  Technology professionals can gain and grow and manage entire careers as Salesforce Developers or Salesforce Administrators. 

Why is Salesforce a Good Career?

Salesforce provides services to both small companies and muti-national corporations.  It generates millions of jobs across its internal company, its partners and its customers across the globe.  

Salesforce related careers are in high demand.  There are a number of advantages that Salesforce careers offer, including:

  • Salesforce is big and growing
  • Salesforce generates a lot of jobs
  • Salesforce roles typically pay well
  • Salesforce careers offer growth opportunities
  • Salesforce jobs often offer work/life flexibility

The Salesforce Economy is Big and Growing

Salesforce is a huge company that touches hundreds of thousands of companies across the globe.  The company is so large that its sphere of influence is commonly known as the Salesforce ecosystem.

To put it in perspective, more than 150,000 companies use Salesforce.

Collectively the Salesforce ecosystem and Salesforce economy is projected to continue significant growth.  By 2026, the ecosystem will generate nearly $1.6 Trillion of new business revenue and the ecosystem will grow 6 times larger than Salesforce itself.  

Salesforce Generates Millions of Technology Careers

As mentioned earlier, the Salesforce ecosystem consists of 150,000+  companies.  The sheer size of that business base generates millions of jobs.  

A study by IDC reports that 9.3 million new jobs will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem from 2019-2024.  That’s a lot of job growth.   Further, Salesforce Developers ranked #10 on the Best Jobs of 2019 List.

With all that growth, Salesforce technologist jobs are in high demand.  In fact, the challenge for employers is that there are more available Salesforce jobs than qualified candidates.  That creates a job market favoring the employee! 

Salesforce Jobs Pay Well

Technology jobs typically pay well and Salesforce average salaries hold true to that.  

Further, as demand for Salesforce technologists continues to surge, salary might be further negotiated by some candidates. 

Salesforce Ben reports that average US salaries for Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Administrators both hover about $100,000.  Variances, of course, occur based upon the company, job-level, and the overall experience of the candidate.  

Salesforce Jobs are Varied and Offer Job Growth

From administrators to developers, the Salesforce platform offers jobs applicable and enjoyable to most technologists.  Salesforce roles also offer strong career paths and job growth opportunities.  

As technologists gain experience they can earn promotions to bigger projects or clients within their company.  Salesforce professionals can grow their career by completing additional Salesforce training and earning more Salesforce skills and Salesforce Certificates

Salesforce Jobs Often Offer Flexible Perks

As the world grows more and more connected, the ability to work remotely also continues to grow.  The Covid 19 pandemic proved that.

However, cloud computing jobs such as the Salesforce platform have offered these perks for years.

No more 9-5 jobs.  No more stuffy offices.  

Many employers trust their Salesforce professionals to complete their work accurately on time, and from anywhere at any time.  These employers often offer flexibility benefits including:

  • Remote work
  • Flexible hours
  • Generous vacation packages

So What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the leading provider of Customer Service Management (CRM) software.  It is also one of the largest technology companies in the world.

As a CRM company, the Salesforce platform allows businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with customers, partners and prospects. 

It helps companies better manage customer relationships across multiple inter-company disciplines including marketing, sales, digital commerce, customer service and more. 

What Type of Technology Careers are Available in Salesforce?

Modern full stack development requires both front end (user interface and user experience) back-end (server-side) computer programming.

Technologists can find both those opportunities with Salesforce. As the most in demand cloud computing platform, Salesforce requires programmers for both the front-end and back-end development.

Folks that love technology and finding solutions can excel at Salesforce Administrator roles.

While those that like coding and creating can succeed as Salesforce Developers. 

Where Can I Train for Salesforce Careers?

Students seeking to begin new, rewarding technology careers often debate whether to attend college or complete coding bootcamps.   

Vocational schools or bootcamps, such as those provided by Select Institute of Technology may provide a great opportunity for students seeking to gain quality Salesforce training, quickly and economically.

Select Institute of Technology provides immersive, instructor-led, Salesforce training programs, which are ideal for individuals seeking to learn and find careers in Salesforce.  Students can pursue two programs: one in Salesforce Administrator and another in Salesforce Developer.

Each 12-week program goes into more depth, offers more practice, reinforcement and project-based-learning than traditional corporate training.  Students also benefit from numerous guest speakers from the Salesforce ecosystem who share real world scenarios, experience and insight.

Graduates emerge with training and project experience based on real world scenarios that enable them to make immediate and meaningful contributions to organizations that hire them.

Kickstart your Salesforce Career at Select Institute of Technology

Are you interested in joining the rapidly growing Salesforce ecosystem?

Consider attending Select Institute of Technology.  We are a technology-based school that teaches the skills students need to gain Salesforce careers.  We leverage the best technologies, practices, and industry partners to achieve our overall mission of helping our graduates start, build or advance their careers. Select Institute of Technology offers two 12-week diploma programs in Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Developer.

To learn more, please click Select Institute of Technology.

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