Why You Should Start A Salesforce Career Right Now

Starting a Salesforce career as a Developer or Administrator can provide you the dream job you’ve been looking for.  Salesforce careers offer exciting in-demand work at the center of our rapidly growing digital economy.  They also offer the flexibility many Americans are seeking such as work-from-home opportunity and flexible hours. 

Here’s why you should consider Salesforce training to start a new career.  

The Great Resignation 

Do you find yourself dreaming of a new career?  You’re not alone. 

According to a report by CNBC, 34.4 million American workers quit their jobs this year. Further, 23% of American workers are planning to quit their job in the next 12-months.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led many of us to ponder our career and lifestyle choices.  Are we doing work that we like?  Do we have an acceptable work-life balance?  Are we making enough money?  Is our commute acceptable?  Am I willing to work in an office?

The Great Reshuffle

Historically, the sole motivation of many workers was to earn money.  The pandemic and The Great Resignation have inspired millions of workers to reflect on what they want most out of life.  Known as the Great Reshuffle, many workers have decided they should work for more than “just a paycheck”.  They also want meaning in their work.  For many, family is that meaning.  They want more time and access to their family - while still working in meaningful careers and earning meaningful pay.

Why A Salesforce Career Could Be Your Dream Job 

Salesforce careers seem to be a perfect fit for American workers considering new careers.  

New to the workforce?  Changing jobs?  Salesforce offers a vast array of career opportunities.

The typical job working with Salesforce provides the very things people are clamoring for in their jobs:  a strong job base, good earnings and flexibility.

Here are two reasons Salesforce careers fit the bill for meaningful and exciting careers in this modern age:

  1. Information Technology and Salesforce Careers are in demand and growing
  2. Salesforce Careers offer great earning potential and work-life balance benefits

Information Technology careers are growing

Information Technology (IT) jobs rank as the #2 fastest growing career fields in 2022, according to a November, 2021 report by Forbes. 

Further, the report forecasts the software development field will grow 22% by the end of the decade.  The strong interest in IT is spurred by growth within the software and app businesses.  Additionally, it certainly helps that most developers enjoy flexible lifestyles from their employers (more on that in a minute). 

Salesforce is Big and Getting Bigger 

Salesforce is the world leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Rapidly growing, Salesforce revenue is expected to grow 23% in 2021 to $21 billion.  Further, Salesforce growth will continue in 2022 with revenue expected to reach $25 billion. 

Salesforce Careers Are in High Demand and Demand Outweighs Supply

Salesforce employs 56,000 employees internally; but, with more than 150,000 customers and partners using Salesforce, millions more people use Salesforce daily in their job.

In fact, an IDC report forecasts that the Salesforce economic impact will create 9 million more  jobs by 2026.  

Salesforce career postings remain plentiful and are growing.  As an example, more than a quarter million Salesforce related jobs are currently posted on LinkedIn and Indeed.com.  

With all that growth and demand, the challenge for employers is to attract talent from a pool that falls short of available jobs. 

Salesforce Careers Offer Good Earning Potential 

Like any profession, Salesforce careers offer a variety of salaries based on job function, title, seniority and geography.

However, Salesforce technologists can expect an annual salary range from about $78,000 for junior Salesforce administrators to $175,000 for senior Salesforce Technical Architects. 

Salesforce Careers Typically Provide Highly Coveted Flexibility

Flexibility is perhaps the most widely coveted benefit afforded Salesforce workers.  

Gone are the days of rigid, in-office 9am - 5pm work environments.

Many Salesforce employers trust employees to complete their work accurately and on-time and often offer flexibility benefits that can include:

  • Remote Work (work from home or anywhere you connect)
  • Flexible hours (work anytime during the day that allows you to complete your work)
  • Generous vacation packages

How to Train for Salesforce Careers 

Select Institute of Technology provides immersive, instructor-led, Salesforce training programs, which are ideal for individuals seeking to learn and find careers in Salesforce.  

Students that love technology and finding solutions can take the Salesforce Administrator Program, while those that like coding and creating can take the Salesforce Developer Program.

Each 12-week program goes into more depth, offers more practice, reinforcement and project-based-learning than traditional corporate training.  Students also benefit from numerous guest speakers from the Salesforce ecosystem who share real world scenarios, experience and insight.

Graduates emerge with training and project experience based on real world scenarios that enable them to make immediate and meaningful contributions to organizations that hire them.

Kickstart your Salesforce Career at Select Institute of Technology

Are you interested in joining the rapidly growing Salesforce ecosystem?

Consider attending Select Institute of Technology.  We are a technology-based school that teaches the skills students need to gain Salesforce careers.  We leverage the best technologies, practices, and industry partners to achieve our overall mission of helping our graduates start, build or advance their careers. Select Institute of Technology offers two 12-week diploma programs in Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Developer.

To learn more, please click Select Institute of Technology.

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